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Microsoft Windows Customer Service Phone Number

Microsoft windows is one of the two widely used and accepted operating systems. Microsoft Windows was developed by Microsoft providing a great user interface and many more services. Windows has different versions, windows 7 being the widely used is succeeded by window 8 and 10. Latest is the Windows 10 in series and still getting updates from Microsoft. Most of the time it is easy to use because of its interface, one can handle and perform tasks easily on this platform still, if any user feels difficulty in handling windows operating system, like system is not performing as expected or programs getting crashed or getting error or virus messages or accidently uninstalled any program or anything else he or she is welcome to call us for a quick assistance at Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number.

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A Quick Review - Microsoft Windows XP Support

When you turn on our computer you will come to an area, known as the desktop that you see in front of you. Desktop will be your main workspace acquit all of your applications and files. You may not always see the desktop but it will always be open. The term desktop on a computer they're referring to the entire area that you see in front of you as a home screen. You will see a start menu on the left bottom corner where we will see a list of all of the programs that are installed on the computer. You also can quickly create some folders where you will be able to store all of your documents, pictures, videos and more. To know more this you can call us anytime at Microsoft Support Phone Number.

You can also save your files in other drives and whatever you put on the desktop is actually stored in C drive. You also get a quick access to the control panel, to change computer settings or customize the windows seven operating system. Sometimes users accidently messup here and delete or uninstall some important programs because basically, you can change almost everything in your computer from here so if you do something wrong here, it’s going to be difficult for you to get that thing back. If you uninstall any program or driver or document or anything else just call at Microsoft Tech Support Number Team to get those important things back.

If You Have Any Problem With Your Antivirus, Simply Call Our 24 Hour Toll Free Number.


Issues fixed by Microsoft Technical Support Number

Windows has a great UI but from inside but it is really a complex and heavy software which took many years to get developed fully and still get updated year by year and that’s why if you mess up with it, it will create problems for you. You may face many problems with windows actually, especially you are naive. Sometimes you get a virus, spyware, malware, or any other program in your computer which may damage your system and information. You should avoid downloading anything like music or movies from unknown or illegal sources. However, you don’t need to get panic in such situations, just call us at Microsoft Customer Support Phone Number and our technicians will help you with the best possible solution within few minutes. Normal windows issues are like:

Windows running very slow
Removing malware, adware or popup
Windows freezing or crashing issue
Windows doesn't turn on or boot properly
"Blue Screen of Death" or showing system errors
Setting up printers and other peripherals
Running and installing Windows updates
Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting software
Restoring Windows to factory settings
Setting up email in Outlook and other software
Backing up / recovering personal files
Error during installation of Window 8 or 10
Window 7 / 8 IE browser crash issue
Internet or network doesn't work properly
Issues logging in or accessing your account


Microsoft Tech Support Phone Number

If you are familiar with Microsoft then we expect you to know that it gives you a product or license key with every product and you need to insert it when you install that product or service. What happens that user does it properly at the first time but then forget the product key and when the program get uninstalled intentionally or accidently user find himself unable to reinstall that program and he needs to pay again for that service for which he has already paid once. It sounds bad. So to avoid such situation call us at Microsoft Customer Service Number and the technician will help you in reinstalling the product, saving your money and time. If you face any other issues like activation keys, package licenses, product replacement, or warrant information, we recommend you contact at Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number directly. We are available 24*7 and always happy to help you. We have the technicians who have passed many stringent exams to reach at this level so feel free to discuss any problem with them to get the quickest and best possible solution.

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